Generation of a versatile Gal4 resource for developmental and functional studies of the fly nervous system

In collaboration with the Clandinin lab (Stanford University) we have generated and annotated expression patterns of a large collection of InSITE Gal4, lexA, and QF lines.

The InSITE system was developed by the Clandinin lab to facilitate interrogation of neuronal circuits and neural development.  A major advantage of InSITE technology is that lines generated to work with the Gal4-UAS system can be re-purposed as LexA, QF, Gal80, or virtually any other genetic effector.  We have generated new lines for general use and characterized larval expression patterns, focusing primarily on brain, nerve cord, and sensory neuron expression.  Some of the new lines we have generated are shown on this page.  We are currently constructing a web resource with expression patterns, insertion sites, and available swaps.  Stocks have been added to the Bloomington Stock Center.  Images of adult and larval brains are available on the InSITE database site here.