Dendrite Development: Invertebrates

Grueber WB
Ye B




Molecular determinants of dendrite and spine development

Franck Polleux
Anirvan Ghosh
Wesley B. Grueber


Swept confocally-aligned planar excitation (SCAPE) microscopy for high-speed volumetric imaging of behaving organisms

Bouchard MB
Voleti V
Mendes CS
Lacefield C
Grueber WB
Mann RS
Bruno RM
Hillman EM


Development of the embryonic and larval peripheral nervous system of Drosophila

Aditi Singhania
Wesley B. Grueber


SAX-7 and Menorin light the path for dendrite morphogenesis

Jennifer S. Ziegenfuss
Wesley B. Grueber

The molecular basis of self-avoidance

Zipursky SL
Grueber WB


Integrins establish dendrite-substrate relationships that promote dendritic self-avoidance and patterning in Drosophila sensory neurons

Michelle E. Kim
Brikha R. Shrestha
Richard Blazeski
Carol A. Mason
Wesley B. Grueber


Dscam1-mediated self-avoidance counters netrin-dependent targeting of dendrites in Drosophila

Benjamin J. Matthews*
Wesley B. Grueber

Methods for exploring the genetic control of sensory dendrite morphogenesis in Drosophila

Shrestha BR
Grueber WB

Analysis of dendrite development in Drosophila embryos

Shrestha BR
Grueber WB

Generation and staining of MARCM clones in Drosophila

Shrestha BR*
Grueber WB


Self-avoidance and Tiling: Mechanisms of Dendrite and Axon Spacing

Grueber WB
Sagasti A

Neuronal morphogenesis: Worms get an EFF in dendritic arborization

Brikha R. Shrestha*
Wesley B. Grueber


Robust discrimination between self and non-self neurites requires thousands of Dscam1 isoforms

Hattori D
Chen Y
Matthews BJ
Salwinski L
Sabatti C
Grueber WB
Zipursky SL

Positional Cues in the Drosophila Nerve Cord: Semaphorins Pattern the Dorso-Ventral Axis

Zlatic M
Li F
Strigini M
Grueber WB
Bate M


Of cartridges and columns: New roles for cadherins in visual system development

Benjamin J. Matthews*
Megan M. Corty*
Wesley B. Grueber


Dendrite self-avoidance is controlled by Dscam

Benjamin J. Matthews
Michelle E. Kim
John J. Flanagan
Daisuke Hattori
James C. Clemens
S. Lawrence Zipursky
Wesley B. Grueber


The development of neuronal morphology in insects

Grueber WB
Yang CH
Ye B
Jan YN

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